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Think Math is founded by a group of elite mathematicians and mathematics educators, renowned best-selling textbook author, subject teachers and education management professionals, we have been dedicated in providing all-round learning experiences in mathematics between the ages 4-12. Think Math was first established in Kowloon City of Hong Kong in Nov 2017.

Since its inception, we have developed a sophisticated base of teaching material satisfying the needs of both local and international school students in Hong Kong covering curriculums from kindergarten to primary levels.

Principles of teaching

Happy Learning

Individualized Teaching

Step by Step

Critical & Logical thinking development

Problem-solving skills

According to above principles of teaching, we believe that each kid can gradually overcome their own weakness and find their own strength by learning from others; they will also find out learning mathematics is duck soup to them. Think Math is committed to inspire children’s potential for mathematics and logical thinking development, in hence, children can achieve self-learning and problem- solving skills independently. We strongly believe children’s confident and interest in mathematics will gradually build-up and master the required mathematical concepts in a progressive manner.

Our Team

Miss Alki Ho

Miss Alki Ho

Head Teacher

Miss Alki is one of the founders of Think Math. She studied at The Education University of Hong Kong where she obtained a Master degree and she also has many years teaching experience major in mathematics. Miss Alki is enthusiastic about teaching and she also had been school teacher, so she is very familiar Hong Kong mathematics curriculum.

Sean Hui

Sean Hui


Teacher Sean graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with BA(Hons) in Marketing Management with Business Studies. Sean had more than 10 years experience in teaching mathematics with young individuals from local and international schools. She is enthusiastic in teaching students all aspects of mathematics and patient with students, aiming to inspire and encourage students to overcome weaknesses by bolstering their confidence and the motivation to learn.

Aki Wong

Aki Wong


Graduating from The Education University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree of mathematics education, Miss Wong worked as a tutor in different organizations and had experience of practicing teaching in primary schools. She can address the difficulties of students in learning Mathematics by using a wide range of teaching strategies, so that students can master the concepts and their interest and motivation in learning Mathematics can be boosted. Through Mathematics learning, Miss Wong believes each student can become an independent person with strong logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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